Vintage Linen Napkins by Transylvanian Images


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GRDN has carried these linen napkins for 16 years.  Plain and simple is hard to find these days.  These vintage napkins are made from a vintage fabric of boiled hemp & cotton in a fine weave.

Hand-woven textiles are made from the finest vintage, hand-processed, hand-spun, organic hemp that was woven on authentic hand-looms. Their fabric content varies from a makeup of 100% hemp to a blend of 80% hemp and 20% cotton. All are machine-washable.

The flax and hemp used in these linens were grown without pesticides on family farms, then harvested, processed and spun by hand. By educating consumers and establishing a market for these wonderful products, Transylvanian Images strives to create jobs for villagers in Transylvania and to encourage the use of natural fibers.


Each napkin is $16.00 buy one or buy a set.