• When will the Flower Arrangement or Potted Plant I ordered be delivered?  If you place your order before 1:00 EST our team will make every effort to deliver the flower arrangement or plant on that same day.  GRDN contacts the recipient to confirm the address and sets up a 2 hour window of time to make the delivery.  We deliver to the recipient at a time that is convenient to them.  We must contact the recipient for delivery as everyones schedules are different.  There can be no 'surprise' deliveries. 
  • How long will my flowers last?  GRDN sources flowers from local farms and from the best flower importers in NYC.  We aim to provide the freshest flowers in our arrangements.  Our goal is to send an arrangement that lasts through the week with your proper care and placement. 
  • How do I care for my flower arrangement? We suggest to make your flower arrangement last longer you should change the water often. To change the water  every day or every other day will make a difference in the life of the flowers.  As the days go on you can tend to your arrangement by pulling out the flowers that may have died. This is to be expected. We don't want to omit the most delicate flowers as these are often the most unique and beautiful blooms!  As the days go on your arrangement will change, but still be beautiful. You can continue this process until you have a few blooms or greenery to add to a bud vase for your your desk, bedside table, or bathroom sink. 
  • Could I order a custom arrangement? Yes you can! Please call to discuss your design and inquire about availability.
  • Do you use floral foam? GRDN does not use floral foam.  It contains toxic elements which are harmful to people and the environment.  
  • How do I take care of my plant? There is a detailed plant care description that you will find on the items page.  It is important that you read this description and recognize that you have the proper conditions in your home or garden.  Choose a plant for it's ability to thrive in your conditions and lifestyle. GRDN cannot be responsible for the care your plant receives in your home.  If you your plant is struggling please email or call the shop at 718-797-3628.
  • Does  GRDN  ship plants and flowers nationwide?At this time we only offer local delivery for our flowers and plants. 
  • Do you do offer any design services? We do not offer any garden design services at this time. 
  • Does GRDN offer any in home consultations for house plants or outdoor spaces? We do not offer any in home consultations at this time.