Vintage Striped Dishtowel


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GRDN has carried the linens from Transylvanian Images linens for 17 years.  Every few months we receive different lots of these vintage linens.  The stripes vary from lot to lot. If you have a preference please note it on your order.

These hand-woven textiles are made from the finest vintage, hand-processed, hand-spun, organic hemp that was woven on authentic hand-looms. Their fabric content varies from the makeup of 100% hemp to a blend of 80% hemp and 20% cotton. 

The flax and hemp used by Transylvanian Images linens was grown without pesticides on family farms, then harvested, processed and spun by hand. By educating consumers and establishing a market for these wonderful products, jobs are created for villagers in Transylvania and to encourage the use of natural fibers.

These also make great oversized napkins!