• GRDN and THE MOON and MQUAN.
  • GRDN and THE MOON and MQUAN.
  • GRDN and THE MOON and MQUAN.
  • GRDN and THE MOON and MQUAN.
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Join us  Sept 9 for a New Moon Breakfast featuring artist Michele Quan. Surround yourself with to art, flowers, nature and community and set intentions for the New Moon in September. 

Here below, in her own words,are some of her thoughts and contribution to the event:

"This comes at a good time for me as the new moon is a defining phase of the lunar cycle signifying new beginnings and rebirth, and September always fells like a 're-boot" time.  Lately, I've been thinking about the changes I want to make this fall and where all the energy and conviction is drawn from to make these shifts in directions and attitudes.  

Change can feel uncomfortable and scary, so sometimes it's easiest to let anger or negative attitudes and events be the harbinger of change.  For myself, I'm wondering how I can dig a little deeper and create it out of alternate energies- simple awareness, self-knowledge and compassion for myself and others"

Michele will demonstrate teach you create a small offering bowl to hold new intentions.  Write down your new moon intentions as an offering in your bowl and Michele will burn it in the bowl as she fires it.  You can pick up your fired bowl at GRDN.

Grace Galanti  from Furnace Creek Farm will be serving her Herbal Elixirs.  She will introduce you to the benefits of using herbs everyday. 

You will enjoy a delicious and beautiful breakfast cake from Mamie Brougitte Cakes. Marion and Amy will use Michele's work to inspire their delicious creations.

A selection or Organic Rishi Teas and Botanicals will be served with breakfast.

Create your own 'unlimited' New Moon Bouquet with flowers from GRDN to take home!

The Breakfast workshop will be held from 9-11 on Sept 9.  Space is limited so sign up early! 

For more details  follow us on Instagram @grdnbklyn

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