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Happy Earth Day

Seed Bombs and Wooden Slings! Featured at GRDN are Greenaid Seedbombs, hand-rolled in Culver City, CA using local materials, sustainable packaging, and socially responsible labor.  Working in partnership with Chrysalis, a local non-profit, Commonstudio offers employment opportunities and a living wage to formerly homeless or economically disadvantaged men and women from the Los Angeles area.  Every seedbomb you purchase is an investment in our shared future on a greener, more equitable planet. And of coarse,  you'll need a wooden sling shot to get the job done!

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As we wait for Spring...

As we wait for the cold weather to cease and the sensation of Spring in the air to grab hold, we take an intimate look at the things around us that remind us change will soon be here... Photos by Lydia Andrien

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DIY Seed Starting for Spring!

Spring is here! We wanted to share some ideas for DIY seed starting using upcycled materials. These are great projects to do with kids, and very inventive ways to save money! Toilet Rolls We found two clever ways to reuse toilet rolls as seed starters. Either use each roll individually or combine multiple in one container. There is no need to remove the fragile sprouts either. Just stick the seedling in its roll right into dirt! 2 Liter Bottles Repurposed 2 liter bottles can easily be turned into self-watering containers. All you need is a 2 liter bottle, string, soil, Phillips screwdriver, hammer and a sharp blade to cut the bottle with (for complete instructions go here). This is a brilliant idea...

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