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Garden Journal

Make your own Garden Journal! Materials: A journal of your choosing glue or tape scissors plant stakes something to write with Remembering what you planted last year or figuring out what works with what can be all too much for your busy mind to remember. So we've come up with an easy and fun way to observe your garden by making your own Garden Journal. By logging what you have planted and remarking on each as they grow through the season, you not only learn more about your plants, but its a great way to advance your garden. First, sketch out the lay of your land (or in this case, the fire escape we are using). Determine when you get...

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Strawberries are versatile, low-growing perennials that prefer full sun, warm days and cool nights. They can be planted in the ground or containers. There are a few varieties of strawberry plants: day-neutral, june-bearing and ever-bearing. At GRDN, we have ever-bearing. Despite their name, ever-bearing strawberries are not "ever bearing", however, they do bear fruit two to three times over the season. Mostly in June and again in late summer or fall. When planting ever-bearing strawberries give roughly 8 inches between each plant. Just remember, a general rule for all types is that strawberries need space. They don't like to be crowded! photos by: Lydia Andrien and Tori Sparks

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Blueberries offer a unique combination of abundant fruit and striking beauty. A native perennial flowering plant, they are an easy addition to the garden as they are drought tolerant and rarely bothered by pests. Blueberries prefer acidic soil between pH of 4-5.5. And as they cannot be fertilized by their own pollen, they will produce more and bigger fruit when planted with at least one other variety to allow for cross-pollination. Let the bees work their magic! Fruiting times vary between May - August.

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Well, Hello Mosquitoes

Here they come! And here's how to make your outdoor experiences more enjoyable: ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent provides 225 sq ft zone of protection (15x15ft area)Repels mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-umsUp to 98% effectiveOdor freeCordless! No plugs, no batteriesTested by the US ArmyPortable and extremely useful in backyards and patio areas! and refills!

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Good news is, there's still time to seed your lawn! And, if you are serious about water conservation, less fertilizers and spending less time mowing, then Eco-Lawn is your solution. Eco-Lawn is a lawn grass that grows in full sun, part shade and even deep shade! Eco-Lawn's deep root system enables it to source the nutrients it needs without fertilizers. Since it is highly drought tolerant it requires very little watering, thus the surface soil is fairly hard making it less attractive for destructive beetles to lay eggs. Eco-Lawn is a blend of carefully selected fine fescue grass seeds developed by Wildflower Farm that create a beautiful deep green grass colour. Eco-Lawn can be mown like a regular lawn or left un-mown for a...

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