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Indoor Plants for the New Year

It is a new year and time to regain your confidence with indoor plants. Let us help you by suggesting a few plants that can get you going.

Ferns are perfect green companions. They survive with slightly spongy soil - not too moist and certainly not dry. They prefer indirect light and do well in the middle of a room.


Snake Plants offer height and structure to a room. They clean the air better than most plants and are extremely tolerant. They only need watered every few weeks! How convenient is that?!

snake plant

Succulents are even more tolerant. They require a bright room and very little attention. And because of their size they look great planted in all sorts of containers.


Orchids hold elegant blooms for 8-12 weeks. The trick with these beauties is to not over water. They need left alone more that you think!


photos by Tori Sparks