• DIY Seed Starting for Spring!

    Spring is here! We wanted to share some ideas for DIY seed starting using upcycled materials. These are great projects to do with kids, and very inventive ways to save money!

    Toilet Rolls

    We found two clever ways to reuse toilet rolls as seed starters. Either use each roll individually or combine multiple in one container. There is no need to remove the fragile sprouts either. Just stick the seedling in its roll right into dirt!

    toilet rolltoilet roll 2

    2 Liter Bottles

    Repurposed 2 liter bottles can easily be turned into self-watering containers. All you need is a 2 liter bottle, string, soil, Phillips screwdriver, hammer and a sharp blade to cut the bottle with (for complete instructions go here). This is a brilliant idea for those who forget to water!



    Eggshells and Egg Cartons

    Here are two ways to repurpose eggshells and/or their cartons. One way  is to use the eggshell to the sprout seeds and the carton as their holder. When the sprouts are ready for transplanting, gently crack the shell and plant. The shell biodegrades supplementing the soil with calcium.

    Another is to use the egg carton by itself  with plastic wrap. Use the classic kind of egg carton - plastic and styrofoam won't do, it needs to be able to absorb moisture. Fill each compartment with moistened soil. When you've finished putting seeds in, loosely cover the egg carton with plastic wrap and place in a sunny window. This helps create a mini-greenhouse effect, keeping the seeds warm and moist, perfect for germination.


    We think its great you don't have to buy anything to get your seeds started. However, if you haven't the time for such projects we are here for you. We have the Hydrofarm Jump Start Kits in varying sizes. A great and simple way to get your seeds going!


    "Make your own mini-greenhouse from one of Jump Start’s trays. Place a seedling or cutting into the fast-expanding, earthy-friendly biodegradable media, and watch your garden grow!"

    Remember to label your seeds, set it in a bright windowsill, and wait for 'em to sprout! Seeds want to grow, so experiment and have fun.

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