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Garden Journal

Make your own Garden Journal!
A journal of your choosing
glue or tape
plant stakes
something to write with
Remembering what you planted last year or figuring out what works with what can be all too much for your busy mind to remember. So we've come up with an easy and fun way to observe your garden by making your own Garden Journal. By logging what you have planted and remarking on each as they grow through the season, you not only learn more about your plants, but its a great way to advance your garden.
First, sketch out the lay of your land (or in this case, the fire escape we are using). Determine when you get the best light, from what direction, and what time. Take a before picture if you can then later, an after shot. Label where you planted each plant and notate the bloom cycles of each. Understanding when each blooms or not can help you design your garden.
Next, save the plant stakes or labels to the plants you have purchased, or the seed packets you used. Most of these include vital information about your plant's name and needs. If you don't have these items, go online and research a bit about each.
Remark on when you planted each plant, the conditions it requires, when it blooms, when you fertilized, etc.
What plants are annuals? Which are perennials? Did it come back from last year? Was it happier in more or less sun? Did it thrive better in a container or in the ground?
If you don't have plant stakes, you can also print pictures from online or that you have taken with your own camera. Go ahead and do this anyway as visuals are a great learning tool!
Keep adding to your journal as the growing season progresses. Include personal anecdotes and discoveries. Be sure to comment on those plants that flourish in the winter months, too. Next year, when you take a look back you'll be delighted at your accomplishments and revelations.